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Do I need to be a member of NOC to order organic produce?

Yes, only NOC members are eligible for collective benefits and purchasing.

Does it cost anything to be a member?

Yes.  Annual memberships are $35 for the financial year or $20 if you join in the second half of the financial year.

What does membership involve?

All members volunteer their time and play an active role in maintaining the collective. Rosters are created around member’s availability.   The majority of members help sort the produce into the weekly boxes and deliver them to other members. A small number of members go to the wholesale market to buy the weekly produce. Produce buying, sorting and delivery occurs on a Thursday morning. If you are a sorter then your time commitment is about one hour between 7am and 8am on a Thursday morning 3-4 times a quarter.

Can anyone join NOC?

All NOC members must meet the following criteria.

  1. Live within the municipality of Hobsons Bay.
  2. Be able to participate in NOC as a volunteer e.g. buying or sorting.
  3. Join NOC as a financial member and agree to the Member’s Rights & Responsibility Rules.

How do I join NOC?

Just click on the link XXXXX and fill in your details.  A representative of NOC will contact you. 


Can I become a NOC buyer?

NOC needs 7-8 buyers to operate effectively. From time to time there are positions available for new buyers. Buyers need to undertake market training, wake up very early and have a vehicle to transport the produce.

Do I need to buy a box of produce each week?

No. Members place an online order for delivery as frequently as they like. Orders need to be placed by Monday for the Thursday delivery.

Box Content and Delivery

Do I get to choose what goes into my box?

No. The produce is seasonal (NOC only buys Australian organic produce) and the buyers purchase the best produce that the weekly budget allows.

When do I get my weekly box of organics?

Every Thursday morning at about 8am delivered to your door by other members.

Are there any applicable delivery charges?

Are there any applicable delivery charges? No. Delivery of produce boxes is free. Dry Goods are collected from a central location by Members.

Other Products

What else can I order with my fruit & veg box?

Members can also order a variety of organic sourdough bread.  More items may become available on a one off or regular basis depending on member demand.

Do members need to participate in bulk dry goods orders?

No. Dry goods like organic flour, legumes and rice are available from time to time and members can choose to participate in the bulk purchase.

Ordering and Payment

How do I order and pay for my weekly box and NOC Dry Goods?

Ordering and payment is done online via a secure member’s section on this website, where there is an online store. Payment is only available via credit card (Mastercard and Visa).

Can I cancel my box order?

Information about order cancellations and refunds is available on our Ordering Terms and Conditions page

Resigning from NOC

How do I resign from NOC?

Should you decide to resign part way through a financial year, we ask that you give at least one month’s written notice by email to the Membership Secretary (see Committee page for who that is). 

Will I receive a pro-rata refund of my membership fee when I resign?

Membership fees are not refundable except in cases where hardship can be demonstrated.

What happens to my coupon if I resign from NOC?

If, at the time you resign from your membership of NOC, you have an unused coupon which is still valid, the value of the coupon will be refunded to you within 14 days of receiving your notification of resignation together with your complete bank account details.

Have a question?

You could also refer to our Ordering Terms and Conditions page.  Otherwise, please use the form on the Contact Us page to get in touch.