Trial Membership
20-07-2024 – 19-08-2024
1 Month

Benefits of Membership

Try NOC Membership for 30 days for free.

NOC Community

Get to know your local NOC members and participate in the group as much or as little as you wish. Occasionally we have social functions. The NOC grapevine is a great source of community information about all things organic and related sustainability and local topics.

Sourdough Bread and Produce Boxes

Produce boxes and bread are available for pickup on Thursdays (or delivered by fellow NOC members on a rostered basis if you organise it). You don't have to order each week and you can order bread with or without produce. Orders need to be submitted by the Monday prior to delivery (noon for bread and midnight for produce). Produce varies from week to week and is seasonal. We try to buy local and try to avoid imports.

Equipment for Borrowing

NOC has a food dehydrator which members are able to borrow. You can dry all manner of fruit and vegetables in it and the unit is large so you can do it in bulk. There is no fee for members, however payment of a bond is required. What can I do with a dehydrator?

Organic Dry Goods Bulk Buys

Approximately once per quarter, NOC does a bulk buy of selected dry goods such as flour, oats, nuts, grains, dried fruit and similar products according to demand. Goods are available at wholesale price and quantities vary according to demand. Some of the more popular things such as oats, we can buy in bulk which we then split up into our own containers. Other things will come in packaging.

Delivery Location

Pick up is at Lifestyle for Kids (LFK) on Thursdays between 2PM and 7PM during school terms. Address: 193 Champion Rd, Williamstown North VIC 3016.

Please be very mindful that LFK have no direct involvement in NOC’s running - rather they have kindly allowed us the use of their space to receive the produce. Please DO NOT express any frustration to LFK staff - rather contact NOC by email to to pass on any feedback.

Requirements of Membership

Members must live in Hobsons Bay. Members are encouraged to contribute to the operation of the Collective by taking one or more of several active roles or be on the Committee. Read about the roles below.


Order Administrators

Order administrators are responsible for downloading the weekly order tally from the website and advising buyers of the buying budget.

Dry Goods/Bulk Buy Coordinator

Dry Goods Coordinator is responsible for the periodic ordering of dry goods. They prepare a list of available bulk items and available order quantities, prepare them for sale as products in the website administration area, collate orders and make the bulk purchase. The Coordinator then organises the delivery, sorting and collection point for distribution of goods to members. All members are most welcome and will be called upon to help out with the sorting.

Bread Order Administrator

The Bread Order Administrator downloads orders from the website each week, liaises with the bakery and forwards invoices to accounts be paid. Some communication with members is required if there are any discrepancies.

Bread Coordinators

Bread Coordinators work in a roster to collect bread from a drop-off point, bag and label it and then deliver it to the bread/produce pick-up location in Champion Rd, Williamstown.