Do I need to be a member of NOC to order organic produce?

Yes, only NOC members are eligible for collective benefits and purchasing.

Does it cost anything to be a member?

Yes. Annual memberships are $40 for the year.

What does membership involve?

No requirements currently, volunteering is optional but is encouraged.

Can anyone join NOC?

All NOC members must meet the following criteria.

  1. Live within the municipality of Hobsons Bay.
  2. Join NOC as a financial member and agree to the Member’s Rights & Responsibility Rules.

How do I join NOC?

You can create a new membership here.


Do I need to buy a bread each week?

No. Members place an order for a variety of organic sourdough breads for delivery as frequently as they like. Orders need to be placed by midnight Monday for the Friday delivery.

Where do I pick up my bread?

Pick up is from a NOC member's house on Fridays after 9.30am. Address: 505 Melbourne Road, Newport VIC 301.

Please be very mindful that as the goods are stored undercover on the front porch, please try and collect as soon as possible on the Friday, particularly if it's a very hot day.

Other Products

What else can I order with my bread?

Members can also order eggs from Madelaine's Eggs every three weeks. 

Do members need to participate in bulk dry goods orders?

No. Dry goods like organic flour, legumes and rice are available from time to time and members can choose to participate in the bulk purchase.

Ordering and Payment

How do I order and pay for my weekly box and NOC Dry Goods?

Ordering and payment is done via EFT to our bank account. Use your name and item type as the Reference.

Resigning from NOC

How do I resign from NOC?

Should you decide to resign part way through a financial year, we ask that you give at least one month’s written notice by email or via contact form here.

Will I receive a pro-rata refund of my membership fee when I resign?

Membership fees are not refundable except in cases where hardship can be demonstrated.

Have a question?

Please use the Contact page to get in touch.